Create an Automated Marketing Campaign

Target customers directly with joe's new Automated Marketing Campaigns, available at your fingertips in the joe Coffee App or on a Desktop. The latest version of joe's Merchant Manager includes the ability to included and exclude customer audience, send promo codes directly to your customer's inbox, and keep them up to date on everything happening at the shop!

In this article we'll walk you through the 4 steps of creating an Automated Marketing Campaign including:

1 - Create An Audience

  1. Log in to your Merchant Manager at, or from the My Joe page of your joe Coffee app
    1. To navigate here through the consumer app, tap your Profile Picture in the top right hand corner followed by Owner Mode to take you to your Merchant Portal
  2. From the Navigation Menu, select the Marketing Tab followed by Audiences from the tabs at the top of the screen
  3. Choose the red Create Audience button to start your own audience
  4. Add your own identifying Label for the audience and a Description so you can find and use this audience again
  5. Select from the filter options to further refine your audience including
    1. Review Ratings
    2. Last Ordered
    3. Promo Code Redemption
    4. Reward Balance Status
    5. And Other filters
  6. Select Save

This audience is now available for you to include or exclude in your Marketing Campaigns.

2 - Customize Your a Message

  1. Tap the Marketing Tab from the left hand navigation menu bar followed by the Campaigns tab from the categories across the top
  2. Tap the Create Campaign button and customize the following:
    1. Add a Title and a Message
    2. Toggle ON Banner to customize the message with a branded image, then upload and crop
    3. Choose a promo code if you'd like to include that in the campaign
    4. Choose your Audience(s) to include and/or exclude from this campaign
    5. Select your Sending Date and Sending Time
      1. Want to set as a recurring campaign? Turn this toggle ON and then select your cadence - daily, weekly, or monthly
  3. At any time during the draft process, choose the Save button in the top right hand corner to save a draft of your campaign

3 - Choose your Call to Action & Add a Promo Code

Encourage customers to take action instantly after reading the message in their inbox with a call to action (CTA) and a Promo Code

  1. Toggle ON the Call to Action Button
  2. Add your own label and choose from the following journeys:
    1. My Joe
    2. Wallet
    3. Online Store Menu
    4. Landing Page
    5. Refer a Friend
    6. Load Funds
  3. Toggle ON a Promo Code
    1. Select from your available sponsored promotions
  4. At any time during the draft process, choose the Save button in the top right hand corner to save a draft of your campaign

4 - Review & Send

Lastly, before scheduling and sending your automated campaign review the message as your customers will see it in their inbox with our preview.

  1. On a desktop view of Merchant Manager as you build your campaign you will automatically see a preview of the inbox on the right side of the screen
  2. On a mobile device, tap the eyeball icon at the bottom of the screen to see a preview of the
  3. Tap Continue to review the total audience and message. If the audience and message are as you like...
  4. Send.