Creating a promo code

Promo codes are an effective tool for acquiring new customers and leaning on joe to make them loyal regulars through the app.  When used in combination with featured items and images on your menu, they help boost revenue per existing customer up to 50%.

Promo codes allow you to create % off, $ off, or price override deals (e.g. $1 lattes for X amount of time) for individual items, entire categories, or your entire menu. 

IN THIS ARTICLE: There are two critical steps to creating a promo, listed below. Make sure to complete both steps!

1 - Create the code details

  1. Log in to your joe Merchant Portal
  2. Select the Promote icon from the left hand menu, followed by Promo Code tab
    1. This tab will show you all Active and Expired promo codes
  3. Click the orange + Create Promo Code button on the right side
  4. Enter the following details about your promo
    1. Code: This is the name of the promo code you will hand out to customers. Make it snappy and memorable! Minimum is 4 letters or numbers, no space and no other characters.
    2. Redemption Limit and Duration: How many times can customers redeem this offer while it is live?
    3. Start Date: When do you want the promo code to go live?
    4. End Date: Codes expire at 12:01am on the End Day. So select the code to end the  Or click the box next to "No Expiration".

2 - Add your deal conditions

  1. Next, click the orange "+" in the "Deals" section to add more specifics to this promo. Fill in the following information regarding the deal:
    1. Discount Amount
    2. Discount Type ($, %, or price override)
  2. Your discount is determined, click the orange button on the right side of the "Items" menu. Enter the following:
    1. Store: Select the store you want to apply this promo code to
    2. Category: Select the category of the menu (Hot Drinks, Cold Drinks, Food) you want this promo code to apply to. Selecting "All" will apply the discount to the entire menu.
    3. Section: Select the section (or all sections) of the menu you want the discount to apply to
    4. Item: Select the specific item (or all items) that you want the discount to apply to
  3. Select the orange + Add Deal Item button followed by Save