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Owners & Managers

Setting up joe

Details to get you started making the most of joe

10 articles

Menu Management

Edit items, adjust prices, and more.

9 articles

Marketing joe!

Tools to promote joe in your coffee shop

19 articles

Deposits, Earnings & Reporting

All things numbers

12 articles

Hardware & Technical Support

Tips for troubleshooting joe in shop

12 articles

joe Point of Sale

Barista 101

Getting baristas comfortable and confident

25 articles

Online Experience

Everything you need to know about the digital experience

5 articles

Rewards + Loyalty

All about joe's built-in loyalty and rewards

5 articles

End of Shift

Best practices for the end of a barista's shift

8 articles

Hardware & Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting your joe Point of Sale

13 articles

joe + Square

Getting Started with Square

How to maximize your existing workflow with joe

2 articles

Daily Operations

From accepting orders to making refunds

4 articles


Tips to troubleshoot your joe + Square integration

2 articles

Ordering on joe

Using the joe coffee app

The #1 mobile ordering experience for indie coffee

8 articles

Loyalty & Rewards

Earning & redeeming rewards, plus gift cards and more

4 articles