How to edit modifiers on an existing item?

  1. Log in to your joe Merchant Portal
  2. From the left sidebar, select Menus
  3. Select the specific Menu Category you would like to edit, such as Hot Drinks, Cold Drinks, or Food
  4. Click on the menu item you would like to edit to open a new screen box that shows the item specific information
  5. You will find all modifier options located at the bottom of the item screen, with the ability to add, delete, or edit each modifier individually
  6. To add a modifier to the item, click the Orange + icon
  7. To delete a modifier select the trash can next to the specific modifier that needs removed
  8. To edit a specific modifier, select the pencil icon next to it
    1. You can update the Minimum or Maximum choices required.
      1. For example customers are required to choose a minimum of one flavor for their Italian Soda
    2. You can customize each choice inside the modifier to be Free or require an up charge.
      1. For instance, in a milk modifier, whole milk may be included at no extra cost, while almond milk incurs an additional $0.75
    3. The final part of editing modifiers is the capability to establish the Default, Required, or Hidden options.
      1. The Default feature enables you to present a default requirement.
        1. For instance a mocha has a dark chocolate default unless the customer manually changes it.
      2. Required causes the item to include a specific choice
        1. For instance, a mocha must have chocolate
      3. The Hidden feature allows you to hide the option from customers when its temporarily out of stock
  9. Select the blue Save button located on the bottom right hand corner