How to edit modifiers on an existing item?

  1. Log in to your joe Merchant Portal > Menus > Orange Pencil Icon next to the menu you would like to edit
  2. Select the menu item you would like to edit
  3. All modifier options are listed with the option to edit, delete, or add + options to the item
  4. Click the Orange + icon to add a modifier option to this menu item
  5. Click the garbage can icon to delete a modifier option for the menu item
  6. Click the pencil icon to update the modifier (for this item only!)
    1. Update Minimum or Maximum choices required (i.e. customers are required to choose a minimum of 1 flavor for their Italian Soda)
    2. Whether the modifier is Free or an up charge for this item (i.e. Americano toppers are usually free)
    3. Default, Required, or Hidden from view of the consumer (i.e. Lattes default  milk, Mochas default to include whipped cream)
  7. Select Save