How is my joe menu organized?

Your joe menu is effortlessly organized and easy to navigate with four key areas:  

Categories, Sections & Items, Item Options, and Settings.

1. Categories

  • Across the top of your joe menu you'll find essential menu categories which include, Hot Drinks, Cold Drinks, and Food, that are permanent and cannot be removed.
  • Additionally, you have the ability to include up to three more menu categories. You can add or delete menu categories in the Settings tab, found at the top right hand corner of your menu.
  • Popular categories include, "Roasted Beans, Merchandise, and Brewing Equipment."

Explore the linked article for assistance on adding categories

2. Sections & Items

  • Each menu category is further organized into several sections that group together related items, such as Tea or Specialty Drinks.
  • This creates a smooth navigation for all users to locate precisely what they're looking for.
  • Furthermore, the menu items are located within each respective section, allowing for a user friendly experience.

Refer to the linked articles for guidance on adding categories

3. Item Options

  • All of the modifiers for both drink and food selections are located within the Item Options tab, positioned at the top right-hand side of your menu.
  • This tab is where you will be able to make any changes to your item modifiers, allowing for easy updates to prices, quantities, and more.

Explore the linked articles for help with updating or adding modifiers:

4. Settings

  • Within the Settings tab of your joe menu, you have the ability to establish item limits and manage the addition or removal of menu categories, extending beyond the default Hot Drinks, Cold Drinks, and Food sections.