How is my joe menu organized?

Your joe menu is easy to organize and even easier to navigate.  There are 4 major areas of your joe menu - Categories, Sections & Items, Item Options, and Settings.

1. Menu Categories

Across the top of your joe menu your menu categories are listed. Hot Drinks, Cold Drinks, and Food are permanent categories that cannot be removed. You can add up to 3 additional menu categories.

Common menu categories: Roasted Beans, Brewing Equipment, Merchandise

2. Sections & Items

Each menu category is separated into several sections that group several items, such as Tea or Specialty Drinks. These sections make navigating your menu easy for every user to find exactly what they are after. Menu items are listed within those sections. 

3. Item Options

All of your modifiers, both drink options and food options, are housed in the Item Options tab of your menu. The Item Options tab is where you will make any updates to your modifier menu such as prices or quantities.

4. Settings

In the  Settings tab of your joe menu you can set Item Limits and add or delete menu categories beyond Hot Drinks, Cold Drinks, and Food.