How to Redeem a Promo Code in-person

This article walks through how to redeem such code at checkout. To create a promo code that customers can use in-person check out this article, linked here.

Whether redeemable once, or multiple times, joe POS does the work to track customers' redemptions and shows baristas what promos customers qualify for as well as automatically applying the dollar or percentage discount associated with that promo. 

To redeem a promo code in person:

  1. Customer inputs their loyalty phone number in the tablet facing them
  2. Customers should show proof of the promo code such as giving the card to the barista or showing the social media post with the code, or simply mentioning the code at checkout
  3. On the checkout screen, tap the blue Promo Code Banner, located just above the payment options, and choose the applicable promo code 
  4. Note how the discount is automatically applied to the items
  5. Continue checkout as normal.

Note: If a customer has a reached the redemption limit on that promo code, the code will be greyed out and baristas will not be able to apply it to the order.