Processing In-person Orders on joe Point of Sale

When serving customers in-person, joe Point of Sale is intuitive for barista's to customize drink orders and process payment efficiently while offering a friendly, personable experience.

Follow these two steps to create an order and complete checkout using the joe Point of Sale. 

1- Creating and customizing an Order

  1. Make all in-person orders from the "coffee cup" icon on the left menu bar
  2. Toggle among the menu categories filters across the top, then scroll vertically under each category to view menu items
  3. Tap the item to open the item's additional options and modifiers
  4. Choose the size 
  5. Scroll and add any desired options to the menu item 
  6. Tap Add To Cart, taking baristas back to the menu to add more items
  7. Tap the Cart icon in the top right hand corner to go to checkout

2 - Checkout

  1. From the checkout screen, view the the order ticket listed on left
  2. Baristas have the option to delete the item choose the “garbage can” icon to the left of the item or duplicate the item by select “double page”
  3. Toggle “For Here” or “To Go” dining options on the right side of the ticket
  4. Finally select payment options:
    1. Cash - enter in cash amount, change required will display on the screen
    2. Credit/Debit  - customers will be asked on consumer the facing tablet if they’d like to leave a tip and then prompted to complete the transaction on card reader
    3. Gift Card - Use the black gift card reader to swipe a store gift card and use the balance
    4. Pay with Balance - exclusively for Rewards customers who have a gift card balance, customers can pay digitally with their balance. Baristas will tap Pay with Balance and the customer will be prompted on the tablet facing them, to enter their unique 4-digit PIN number.
      1. Note: This 4-digit PIN will be texted to customers instantly via SMS, as well is available in the the Wallet page of their joe Coffee App
  5. Once customer finishes payment the order will be added to the Order Status Screen for baristas to fulfill.