- How to print Sales Summary from previous date

  1. Print Sales Summary from previous date

Sometimes you'd like to review the sales from a previous day; you want to see how you performed last week compared to the same day today; quickly glance at how the business is performing. So we added a feature that allows you to not only view the Sales Summary Data from a previous day and also Print. 

Review next steps below for navigation: 

  1. Tap the Bar Graph icon from the left hand menu bar to navigate to your Sales Summary
  2. In the top right hand corner, tap the Today pill-icon to open the month 
  3. Select the day you'd like to view
  4. To print, tap the printer icon to the left of the date range you've selected.

With this feature, you can easily view data week over week and reconcile sales or tips amount quickly. Don't forget you have access to all the data views you need in your Merchant Portal Dashboard.