Your joe digital menu

Your joe online menu link is a valuable too for bringing in new customers! With your joe online menu link, customers can view and order from your shop, directly from a desktop or web browser.  And with no joe account needed to make a purchase, using the online menu link is a frictionless way to encourage new mobile users. 

PRO TIP: 40% of new joe customers are converted through the joe online menu link! So we recommend adding it website with a joe button, to your Google Business Profile, and to your social media accounts.

Then after their first purchase, we'll do our part to convert them from first time users, to loyal joe app users. In this article, we'll walk through accessing your custom online menu link in your joe Merchant Portal. 

Your online menu link includes:

  • A dedicated URL with your shop name
  • Customized menu(s) for your location(s)
  • Banner picture and unique shop description

Accessing your online menu link

  1. Log in to your joe Merchant Portal
  2. In your company dashboard, click the Promote tab located on the left menu sidebar 
  3. Select the Online Menu Link tab
  4. On this page, you will find your dedicated joe URL, your shop name and shop description, as well as a Banner photo.  Note: We set this up for you as a part of your on-boarding process with joe but you are welcome to make any changes to fit your shop!
  5. Copy the entire url located next to Visit to use on your Google Business Profile or add to your existing webpage with an order button.