Can I connect two printers to one device?

Yes - you can connect two printers to your joe device. By renaming printers and assigning print tasks, you can send all drink orders to the printer by your espresso bar and food orders to the printer in your kitchen. 

If you are using two or more Star Micronics bluetooth printers, we recommend renaming them through the Star Settings Utility mobile app. With this app, you can rename the printer from "Star Micronics" to a name of your choosing. This prevents your device from "getting confused" between two printers with the same name, and ensures that the correct orders are sent to the correct printer. 

1 - Renaming the printer

  1. Download the free Star Settings Utility mobile app to your iOS or Android mobile device or joe device 
  2. Connect the printer via bluetooth to the device that has the Star Settings app
    1. To connect: 
      1. Press and hold the red Pair button on the back of the printer for 5 seconds
      2. From Bluetooth Settings on your device, tap the "Star Micronics" from the available devices list to pair via bluetooth
  3. Open Star Settings Utility app. "Star Micronics" printer should be listed. In this settings app, rename the printer
  4. Restart the printer to save this updated name
  5. If connected to a device other than your joe tablet, disconnect from bluetooth

2 - Connect to joe 

  1. Connect your renamed printer via bluetooth to your device through your device Settings
  2. Open joe Merchant Plus > joe Settings (gear icon) > Printers > Find Printer 
  3. Nearby Printers will open > tap Add Printer

3 - Assign Print Tasks

  1. For every printer connected to joe, tap Add Task and choose what type of receipt/ticket you would like printed for every order
  2. Select the Task Type  (Receipt or Item Ticket) 
  3. If you select Item Ticket, choose the Ticket Type (Individual or Merged) and the Categories for the ticket
  4. Save
  5. Add additional tasks for additional receipts/tickets on every order
  6. To test your new printer settings: 
    1. Return to order status screen > tap a customer's profile > scroll to recent order > tap Print Receipt > select items to reprint > print receipt