Checkout Up-sell Items: What they are and how to set them

At joe, we recognize the significant impact that strategic up-selling can have on your business's bottom line. Drawing from our experience as former baristas, we've crafted joe to seamlessly incorporate automatic up-selling to enhance your customer interactions.

With Checkout Upsell Items, you can select up to 8 items from your menu that will be automatically presented to customers at checkout, maximizing your sales opportunities.

Set Checkout Up-sell Items

You can select up to 8 items from your menu to  automatically up-sell to your customers at checkout. Note that all up-sell items must have an image in order to be selected.

  1. Log in to your joe Merchant Manager
  2. From the left hand menu, select the Storefront tab, followed by Edit Details to take you to your digital store detains
  3. Choose Menu Settings and scroll down to the Checkout Upsell section.
  4. Use the dropdown menu to choose you item, followed by the orange + Add Item. 
  5. After choosing your item(s) -- up to 8 total -- save.