How to create or edit an entire modifier option?

All of your modifier options live in the Item Options tab on your joe menu. From here, you can make updates to your modifier options list and it will automatically make changes to a menu item's modifier. 

During your onboarding process, our team of expert menu builders creates your comprehensive menu, including your modifier list, based off what you charge in shop and common industry trends. Because profit margins are tight in the coffee industry, and prices can change often, we recommend shop owners checking their menu prices on joe at least quarterly to ensure consistency!


Editing Existing Modifier Options

  1. From your joe menu, select the Item Options tab. Drink Options are listed first, followed by your Food Options.
  2. Click the orange pencil icon to the right of the modifier option to make edits
  3. Add, delete, or make edits to your modifier choices
  4. Save

Create a New Modifier Option

  1. From your joe menu, select the Item Options tab. Drink Options are listed first, followed by your Food Options.
  2. Click the orange + next to the Drink Options or Food Options title
  3. In this Create Option window:
    1. Name the new option
    2. Update Quantity
      1. Quantity One is our most commonly used quantity for modifiers and we recommend leaving the modifiers at this default. When a customer adds this modifier to their drink they are charged for a standard serving/quantity (i.e. extra Vanilla)
      2. Quantity Finite allows customers to select a number of this modifier for no ad (i.e. 3 packets of sugar)
      3. Quantity Named allows customers to add a named amount to their modifier, for no additional charge, and is best used on cream options or syrup options (i.e. Extra Sweet Vanilla or Light Cream) 
    3. Add Choices and Prices
    4. Save