One Screen Mode: Set Up & Best Practices

One Screen Mode is a powerful new feature for our Point of Sale partner, particularly high-volume drive thrus who can now take orders via runners outside to speed their drive thru lanes.

One Screen Mode offers additional hardware resilience for coffee shops using the two-tablet set up. In the off chance one tablet's connection is disrupted, with One Screen Mode, shops can continue to create and fulfill orders.

Please note: To go wireless and take payments on One Screen Mode you must have a bluetooth card reader paired. Please contact your Account Manager or a team member at to get set up with an additional reader.

Enabling One Screen Mode

To enable One Screen Mode on your barista KDS screen:

  1. Tap the Settings Tab on the joe Point of Sale, followed by the Features Tab
  2. Toggle ON One Screen Mode
  3. Pair the card reader via bluetooth
  4. Connect your printer via Bluetooth or Ethernet if you use a printer in your shop
    1. Note: USB Printers are not compatible with a wireless One Screen Mode tablet, and need to stay connected via Anker Adapter

Completing a Transaction with One Screen Mode:

One Screen Mode is the same interface that baristas and customers are used to on the stand alone point of sale.

When completing a transaction, there are 3 main differences baristas will note:

  1. Baristas will toggle between the barista view and the customer views. To do this, from barista view to customer view, baristas can use two fingers to swipe from right to left. To toggle from customer view to barista view, baristas swipe from left to right. Additionally, baristas can use the icon in the top right hand corner to toggle between views.

  1. As seen below, baristas can manually input a customers' Rewards phone number at checkout eliminating that step for customers
  2. Currently if operating wirelessly, and a customer would like to pay with a physical gift card, baristas must manually enter the Gift Cards 12-digit code

Handheld Hardware Options

If you would like to use One Screen Mode in your coffee shop as a hand held device, such as running the drive-thru line to take orders, we recommend these handheld hardware options and don't forget you need a bluetooth card reader!

  1. Handheld Cases fro TCL Pro 5G tablets
  2. Adhesives Base for Card Reader
  3. Bluetooth Card Reader - reach out to your Account Manager

Need additional support around maximizing this feature in your coffee shop workflow? Reach out to your dedicated account manager or a joe team member at