- Adjusting Order Wait Time

This feature allows for baristas to adjust the wait time for a specific order, usually due to the size of the order or prep time, while the global wait time stays in-tact. 

If an individual customer's Order Wait Time is adjusted they will be notified of the new pickup time with a push notification and SMS text message, keeping open communication and setting proper expectations with the customer.

NOTE: Order Wait Time feature is only available on joe Merchant PLUS. Setting up joe Merchant PLUS and learn about Accepting and Fulfilling Mobile Orders prior to implementing this feature in your shop's workflow.

How to adjust Order Wait Time

Baristas can adjust Order Wait Time from a drop down menu just below the customer's name and profile picture.

  1. Update your joe Merchant Plus app to the latest version. 
  2. Tap the check mark icon in the left hand menu bar to take you to the Order Status Screen, where you will see all mobile orders. 
  3. In the top right hand corner of the customer's Order Details Card, Order Wait Time is listed with a drop down menu. 
  4. Open the drop down menu to view longer wait time periods. Tap the desired Wait Time. A pop up window will appear, asking your baristas to confirm this longer wait time. 
  5. Select Confirm to officially adjust time, which will trigger a notification to the customer about their Order Wait time change