How to create an in person order

1 - Creating an order

  1. Make all in-person orders from the "+" tab on the left menu bar
  2. Scroll horizontally to view all menu categories, then scroll vertically under each category to view menu items
  3. Select the item to add to ticket and open up item additional options and modifiers
  4. Choose the size on the right side and add any desired modifiers
  5. Add any desired modifiers to the menu item.
    1. Select the ellipses "..." to open the entire list of modifiers
    2. Organize your modifier list alphabetically by selecting the "AZ" icon, or by most popular items by selecting the heart icon, both in the top right hand corner
    3. To add multiples of the modifier (i.e 3 packets of sugar) press and hold the modifier to open a number count
  6. To delete the item choose the “garbage can” icon next to item. To duplicate item, select “double page” icon to right of item or scroll to the bottom of the modifiers to increase the order count
  7. The orange “Add item” button will take you back to the order screen and add additional items to the order
  8. When the order is complete select the orange “Checkout” button

2 - Checkout

  1. From the checkout screen, view the the order ticket listed on left
  2. Choose “For Here” or “To Go” dining options at bottom of the ticket
  3. If customer has a discount code - select “Discount” and enter code
  4. Finally select payment options:
    1. Cash > enter in cash amount, change required will display on the screen
    2. Card > customers will be asked on consumer the facing tablet if they’d like to leave a tip and then prompted to complete the transaction on card reader
    3. Joe Balance > A QR code will appear on the consumer facing tablet for customer to view, scan, and complete payment through their joe app
  5. Once customer finishes payment, complete the order by entering customer’s name or hit “skip” in top right hand corner. This new order will be added to the Order Status Screen for baristas to fulfill.
  6. The order will sit on "Processing", and will not be added to the order screen if a name is not entered/skipped.