Store Wait Time

Our newest Store Wait Time feature establishes expectations for order-ahead customers during your busy time periods, and properly communicates those changes with your valued customers. 

This feature allows for the barista to adjust the global wait times for all joe users for a set duration of time. This will inform consumers prior to ordering on the search screen as well as the checkout screen. 

When this is activated, all orders during this time will be delayed. Then once the duration has passed, your global wait time will return to the defaulted 5-10 minutes pickup window.

NOTE: Store Wait Time feature is only available on joe Merchant PLUS. Download joe Merchant PLUS and learn about Accepting and Fulfilling Mobile Orders prior to implementing this feature in your shop's workflow.

How to Adjust Store Wait Time on your joe Device

  1. Update your joe device to the latest version of joe Merchant Plus
  2. Go to the Order Status Screen, (check mark icon in the left hand menu bar) to take you to all mobile orders.
  3. At the top of the Order Status screen are two drop down options to adjust for Store Wait Time: 
    1. Wait Time - Up to a 60 minute wait time 
    2. Duration - Up to a 60 minute duration
  4. Select your desired Wait Time
  5. Select your desired Duration. 
  6. Save.

NOTE: After the duration has passed, your store wait time will return to the defaulted 5-10 minutes pickup window. 

Example: If you set your Store Wait Time to 10-15 minutes for a duration of 60 minutes, the Store Wait Time will default back to 5-10 minutes once the 60 minute duration has passed.