Troubleshooting your Bluetooth Card Reader

Check your Bluetooth Card Reader Connection

There are a few known scenarios where your bluetooth card reader may disconnect from the joe POS device including:

  1. If you close out the joe app
  2. If your device loses connection with wifi
  3. If your bluetooth card reader's battery is low

Double check your bluetooth card reader connection from the Card Reader Settings Tab in joe.  You will see a colored pill next to the Connection Status indicating if the card reader is Checking for a connection, is Connected, or Disconnected.

Reconnect from the joe Device

  1. In the Card Reader Settings tab, tap the red Unpair Reader.
  2. Double Tap the Home button, and close out joe completely
  3. Relaunch the joe app. Tap the Settings icon followed by the Card Readers tab. 
  4. Tap Add Card Reader to reconnect

Reconnect from Card Reader

  1. In the Card Reader Settings tab, tap the red Unpair Reader.
  2. On the card reader, press and hold the power button on the side to power down the card reader, going from 4 green status lights down to 0.
  3. Press the power button to power on the card reader, you will hear 3 beeps to indicate it is powered on.
  4. Tap Add Card Reader on the joe device to reconnect

Other Bluetooth Card Reader Troubleshooting