How to Accept and Fulfill Mobile Orders

As former baristas, we understand the importance of the barista's experience behind the bar, and have created a product that seamlessly integrates and won't interrupt the barista's workflow. 

  • Speed and design optimized for high volume shops
  • Cards are automatically organized chronologically by priority 
  • Thumbnail cards and filters make fulfilling multiple orders easy
  • Fulfilled orders automatically move to the completed tab

Accepting and Fulfilling Orders

Baristas can manage the progress of all orders, both in person and mobile, from the  Order Status screen (Check-mark icon on the menu side bar). 

  1. New mobile orders will sound an audible alert and add a notification to the menu side bar.
  2. Tap the check-mark to take you to the the Order Status screen. All orders have a small order thumbnail on the left, and a larger Order card on the right. 
    1. All items in the order are listed on the large Order Details card, including any modifiers and notes listed. Add these items to the barista queue. 
  3. For the new order, tap to Accept or Reject on the Order Details card.
  4. When there are multiple orders on the screen, baristas can toggle between the small cards to swiftly take them to another order they may be working on fulfilling.
  5. When the order is fulfilled, tap Mark as Ready. This will send customers the push notification that their order is ready for pickup!  
    1. If the order is for on-counter pickup, the order will automatically be moved from the Active tab into the Completed tab. 
    2. If the order is for curbside pickup, a horn honk audible alert will sound, indicating the customer has arrived. Once the order is delivered to the car, baristas should tap the Mark as Picked Up button to complete the curbside order and the card will automatically move to the Completed tab