How to accept and fulfill mobile orders

As former baristas, we understand the importance of the barista's experience behind the bar, and have created a product that seamlessly integrates and won't interrupt the barista's workflow. The order status screen of the joe device shows all orders, both in-person for POS users, and mobile orders all on one screen. 

  • Drag and drop orders function
  • Update status of individual items in an order
  • Archive completed orders for a clean Order Status screenAccepting and Fulfilling joe Mobile Orders

Accepting and Fulfilling Orders

Baristas can manage the progress of all orders, both in person and mobile, from the  Order Status screen (Check-mark icon on the menu side bar). 

  1. New mobile orders will sound an audible alert and add a notification to in the menu side bar
  2. Tap the check-mark to take you to the the Order Status screen, new orders will appear at the top. Tap to Accept or Reject the order.
  3. Update the progress of the order by dragging the item to the next stage or double tapping to automatically advance the item
  4. Selecting the check box on the far right side of the order will automatically complete the entire order
  5. When ALL items in the order have been moved to the Complete stage, customers will receive their "Order is Ready" notification.
  6. Once an order is complete, baristas can archive the order by selecting the arrow on the far right side of the order. View archived orders by selecting Archived in the top right hand corner of the Order Status screen.
  7. Return back to the Active screen to be ready to process any new incoming orders.