How to search for a customer

Yes! Whether looking to make a refund, checking on how many loyalty points the customer has earned, or what their last order was, there are several instances in a coffee shop where you may need to search for a customer. The customer database on your joe device is a comprehensive list of every customer who has ordered on joe at your shop.

  • Contact Information - including their name and phone number if your team needs to contact them about the order
  • Total spent
  • Current joe balance
  • Rewards earned
  • Order history - tap into an order to view the order receipt, make partial or complete refunds, or reprint a receipt

To access your customer database

  1. Select the person icon on the left hand menu bar to take you to your customer database
  2. View your customer database by Name, Date of recent order, and Spend
  3. Use the search bar in the top right hand corner to search for a specific customer
  4. Click into the customer to view the entire customer profile