How to create a new menu category

Across the top of your joe menu you'll find essential menu categories which include, Hot Drinks, Cold Drinks, and Food, that are permanent and cannot be removed

You can create up to three additional menu categories that fit your shop best. Popular categories include roasted beans and merchandise.

  1. Log in to your joe Merchant Portal and select the Menus tab on the left menu bar, followed by the orange pencil icon next to the menu you would like to edit
  2. Click the Settings tab in the upper right hand corner
    1. Notice the Categories section at the bottom of the page and the three permanent categories (Hot Drinks, Cold Drinks, and Food).
  3. Click the orange + to the right of the Categories title to add up to 3 new menu categories
  4. Name each new category 
    1. Note that the new menu category tab is populating at the top of your screen.
  5. Save
  6. You can now begin adding sections and menu items to your new menu categories