How to Utilize the Save a Tab Function

Our new Save a Tab feature was developed to streamline the ordering process for baristas and busy coffee shop owners. We recognize the need for a more efficient system to handle multiple orders, ensuring quicker service and reducing wait times. This feature allows shops to conveniently save customer orders and retrieve them later, enhancing the overall customer experience.

To start a tab for a customer:

  1. Add items to the cart and proceed to the checkout screen as if you are processing a normal order
  2. Have the customer enter their phone number on the customer facing screen to pull up their account
    1. If the customer does not want the order tied to their phone number, simply type in their name on the barista facing screen in the Full Name box.
  3. Tap the Save Icon at the top of the screen, then tap Save again on the pop-up screen to confirm you would like the tab saved
  4. Tickets will print as they are added to the order if you have printing turned on for each order

The order will be moved to the Active Order screen where you can see all orders. There is a specific tab called Open Tabs where you can see any tabs that have not yet been paid.

NOTE: Tabs only stay on the tablet until the end of the day, customers cannot have a tab open for more than one day.

Marking an Individual Item as complete

On the order card, you will be able to see all items that have been added to the tab. You can mark individual items as done within the card, simply tap the gray checkmark to mark the item as done and the checkmark will turn green.

To prevent any confusion on which items have been completed, be sure to mark each item ready once it has been completed so it has a green check mark. If they are not, a ticket will print again when the tab is being paid for.

To add an Item

  1. Find the card on the active order screen for the tab where you want to add an item
  2. Tap the Add Item button
    1. To Remove Changes made, tap the Discard button at the top of the screen and it will revert back to the last saved version of the tab

To Close the Tab

  1. Tap the Check Out button on the tab card
  2. Process payment

If you have any question about our Save a Tab feature, feel free to reach out to the joe team at