Banking and Payouts

With recent updates in the upcoming release we are improving the payout speeds for our partners. We have worked very closely with our credit card processor Stripe to help speed these payouts to a true T + 2 days to go from the moment the card is processed to the moment it is paid to partners bank accounts. For accounts that receive Daily Payouts and Point of Sale partners, below is the updated payout schedule.

Key Timelines for Payouts:

  • Saturday, Sunday and Monday Credit Card Processed deposits Wednesday
  • Tuesday Credit Card Processed deposits Thursday
  • Wednesday Credit Card Processed deposits Friday
  • Thursday Credit Card Processed deposits Monday
  • Friday Credit Card Processed deposits Tuesday

Due to standard U.S. regulations and operation the financial payout schedule is impacted. Credit card processing deposits and payouts following bank holiday hours are primarily influenced by the banking system's operational procedures and regulations:

In the United States, federally recognized holidays on which banks are typically closed include:

  1. New Year's Day - January 1st
  2. Martin Luther King Jr. Day - Third Monday in January
  3. Presidents' Day (Washington's Birthday) - Third Monday in February
  4. Memorial Day - Last Monday in May
  5. Juneteenth - June 19th
  6. Independence Day - July 4th
  7. Labor Day - First Monday in September
  8. Columbus Day - Second Monday in October
  9. Veterans Day - November 11th
  10. Thanksgiving Day - Fourth Thursday in November
  11. Christmas Day - December 25th

Learn more about your Banking Report

Key Reports needed to reconcile your banking payouts will be reports found in your Merchant Manager Reports Tab.

You will first want to open your Business Bank Account or third party accounting so you can begin reconciliations. PAYOUT ID's Filter can be found or each report located in the Banking and All Transaction report filters and you will be able to find the Transfer ID in the Bank Payout Report to reconcile. All reports are able to be downloaded via CSV.

  1. Enter the desired filtered date of your transfer range you're looking for.
  2. You will see an arrow > please tap or select the arrow to see the dropdown information as you see below
  3. Copy the "Payout ID" and place it in the filter above
  4. Then finally update the table by select the refresh 🔄 button.


  1. Banking Dashboard
    1. Payout Summary
    2. Daily Sales Breakdown
  2. All Transaction

Now let's learn how to understand the columns in your reports!

Title Definitions
Arrival Date Date the money should arrive to your bank account
Payout ID This ID will be the correlated set of numbers and letters that will associate an order and bank account payout that were deposited to your business bank account. It will look something like this: iJH0H5RR4U6y
Gross Sales Gross sales are the total sales transactions within a specific period for a company. 
Discounts Reward redemptions. Promo Codes and Discounts applied will be bundled in this total.
Net Sales Gross Sales - Discounts equals the total for Net Sales
Orders Total Collected The Total Collected of the entire order is Net Sales + Taxable Amount + Tips + Donations = Total Collected
Reimbursements Promo Code Reimbursements paid for by joe
Gift Card Sales Sales or uploads of Physical Gift Cards or purchases of Loyalty Balance
Fees Transaction fees for Mobile, Web and in person credit card transactions
Prepaid Amounts Amounts paid from funds uploaded to their Store Reward Cards
Cash Payments Cash transaction at the Point of Sales
Bank Payouts Total Bank Payout from the transactions processed and approved from the order date. If upload amounts are not processed at end of day it will be included in the following Bank Payout process.
Cash/Prepaid These are balances that you will need to reconcile your books but will not be a part of your bank payout deposits because these balances are either Store Credit from uploaded amounts or goods purchased via cash at the register

Learn more about your All TRANSACTIONS Report

Key Purpose for this Report

If you are looking to review all transactions associated with the payout please review your All Transaction report. By copying the Transfer ID the report will show all transactions from that particular payout.

If you are looking to see ALL TRANSACTIONS that are associated to the Bank Payout at a line item level to reconcile the reports from the Bank Payouts you've received you will want to copy and paste the Transaction ID in the Filter field.

Things to consider:

If you see multiple Bank Payouts in your reports this may be because certain transactions such as:

  • Gift Card Uploads or Physical Gift Card Sales
  • VIP Payments (joe Balance payments)

Might take additional day or two to process so they get batched in the following payouts. Simply add the Transfer ID in your ALL TRANSACTIONS report to follow the payout.

Additional Tools to Reconcile Transfer Payouts

We have included a Transaction Payouts by Arrival Date that allows you to reconcile your banking deposits

  1. The arrow > is a dropdown arrow that allows you to see Payment Type for deposits
  2. Transfer Payouts are horizontal: The bottom total is the transfer amount (Bank Deposit) and the Transfer date of arrival (Day money arrived to your bank account) is listed on the top header
  3. Transaction Date is vertical on the left hand side and Total Transaction Transfer Payout for that date of orders is on the Total Column on the right hand side