Merchant Manager Company Creation and Navigation

Here at joe, we understand that our coffee shop owners and staff are busy so we've worked diligently to provide you with all your tools at the palm of your hands. We are happy to announce the release of our Merchant Manager Admin tool for your store.

Merchant Manager User Sign up Flow

  1. Sign up at
  2. Enter your First and Last Name
  3. Enter Email
  4. Enter Phone Number
  5. Create and Enter password. Please note that the password must be 8 characters long
  6. Once you submit a verification code will be sent to the phone number you've inputted.
  7. Once you receive the SMS please Input verification code and it will move you forward to company creation
  8. You will also receive an sms message with these details so you can reference the sign up flow if you don't finish:

    Please complete your setup by creating a company:

Please remember to keep your email and password as you will need this to login to your Storefront to access tools in Merchant Manager.

Merchant Manager Company Creation Flow

Step #1 - Company Creation

  1. Once verification code is inputted it will prompt you to enter company information
  2. Company Name
  3. DBA: Doing Business As. This is important for tax purposes
  4. Address of the company registration
  5. Tax ID (EIN) - This is the Tax ID for your business for tax purposes
  6. Social Security Number. This is required for Stripe Processing purposes to process payments accordingly.

Step #2 - Banking Information

Now it's time to enter your banking information and agree terms of service.

  1. Enter Bank Account Name
  2. Enter Banking Routing Number
  3. Enter Bank Account Number
  4. Enter if it's a Personal or Business Account

Step #3 - Agree to Terms of Service

Now it's time to agree to terms of service. The terms of service will include our overall agreements between partnership with joe.

  1. Agree to terms of service
  2. Make that you have read and understood the documents
  3. Then select finish

Now it's time to create your store and login to Merchant Portal

We are working towards moving away from our legacy product but for now we have given our partners the resources and tools to access everything they need to MANAGE their business.

Key Notes:

  1. Upon logging in and completing your account you will see the left hand navigation but will not be able to access no tabs other than Storefront Tab
  2. Once you login to your storefront tab and create your store you will then be able to create your store or access your store information

Storefront Login and Creation Process:

  1. Please use the same email and password credentials that you've inputted in your User Creation
  2. Once you're logged in you will see a "Create Store" button to enter your store information
  3. Enter Store address.
    1. Please note that if you haev any issues with address, it might be due to our criteria must be available on Google Business Profile
  4. Enter Store Tax Rate and About Store
  5. Save information

Within the Storefront tab you will see 5 total tabs:

  1. Basic Information
  2. Store Hours
  3. Store Settings
  4. Menu Settings (Full menu edits, Featured items and Upsell items will be here)
  5. Devices

Merchant Manager Full Suite of Tools

Once you login and create your store. Simply refresh your page and it will update your user settings and give you access to the full set of Merchant Manager Tools:

  1. Insights Tab
    1. Sales and Summary
    2. Trends Reports
    3. Marketing Reports
    4. Inventory
  2. Marketing
    1. Audiences
    2. Campaigns
    3. Gift Cards
    4. Promote: Promo Codes + Online Menu Linke
  3. Storefront
    1. Full Suite of Tools
  4. Customers:
    1. Customer List
    2. Reviews
    3. Sent
  5. Teams & Roles
    1. Tips Report
    2. Users
  6. Reports
    1. Full List of 7 Reports
  7. Settings
    1. Company Settings
    2. Banking