Order Customer Favorites

We recently launched Customer Favorites on in-person orders so your baristas can offer your most regular customers' unbeatable service. With a regular customer logged in to their Rewards account, their Favorites, as well as Recent Orders, are automatically displayed on your menu, so baristas can instantly add a customer's regular drink to checkout.

Note: If a customer has yet to favorite at your shop, or even order at your shop baristas will see a Shop Top 10 Items Ordered, as seen below.

How Customer Favorites Work

When a customer is logged in as a member of your Rewards program, and has visited your shop before, baristas can now see their Recent Orders, as well as their favorites.

  1. Type in customer phone number in prompt at start of transaction
  2. The new Favorites menu category should be selected by default
  3. Note the Customer Favorites and the Customer Recent Orders
  4. Tap the add to cart icon to instantly add item(s) to cart
    1. Tap the item to make any adjustments to modifiers, sizes, etc.
  5. Checkout transaction as usual

How to favorite an item

There are a few options of where an item can be "favorited". Those include:

  1. In the joe Coffee App
  2. As a Recent Order - Indicated by the Red Heart Icon (as seen above)

Favoriting an item in either of the locations automatically adds it, and any specific modifiers, as a Customer Favorite

Note: Stay tuned for additional updates where baristas can add an item as a favorite from the checkout screen

Enable this feature to see a customer favorite at the start of a transaction

For most efficient workflow, we encourage POS tablets to have a the Rewards Member Prompt enabled so that customers can "log in" to their Rewards account at the start of every transaction.

NOTE: This is a first version of this feature, and additional updates will be made to improve barista efficiency.

  1. On joe, tap the Gear Icon in the left-hand menu bar to take you to your joe Settings Tab
  2. Select the Features tab from the left-hand menu
  3. Toggle ON Enable Reward Member Prompt for One Screen Mode
    1. This feature was originally created for coffee shops using a single tablet. However this feature can also be used for shops on a dual-sided Point of Sale set up
  4. Close out the joe POS app to initiate this change by swiping up at the bottom of your tablet screen, tapping the 3 horizontal lines button, and swiping up on the joe POS app to clear it
  5. Relaunch the joe POS app and notice the new Reward Member Prompt