Upload Funds to Use In Person

If your favorite local coffee shop uses joe Point of Sale, you can upload funds online or in-person to use at their storefront! Funds loaded onto their card can be used to order ahead via the joe app or in-person at the register when you stop by.

Note: Funds uploaded can always be used when ordering via the app, but they can only be used in person if the store location uses joe at the register and not just for mobile ordering.

To load funds from your joe app or a desktop:

  1. Navigate to your favorite coffee shop's menu on joe
    1. If you're new to joe, or don't yet have the app downloaded, follow this link to shop.joe.coffee on any browser.
    2. Tap the Explore tab at the bottom of the screen to look for shops nearby
  2. Select the blue Purchase Loyalty Card
  3. Choose your payment method, or add a new one
  4. Select the dollar amount you'd like loaded to the Rewards Card - you can select one of the preset amounts or tap Custom to input a different value
  5. Tap Purchase - you now have funds to use in person at your favorite joe Point of Sale store!

To load funds In-Person:

  1. Let your barista know you want to upload funds onto your store card at the register
  2. Let them know how much you want to upload
  3. Complete payment when prompted