Refunding the Balance of a Gift Card

Whether a customer has a store balance be in a physical gift card, one they've connected to their joe account, or funds they uploaded at the register/online specifically for your company the value is treated the same as cash, including refunds. Because stores receive cash upfront for the value of a gift card, any gift card refunds or store balance refunds need to be done at the register in-store.

Below are instructions on how you can refund someone's store balance at the register.

Note: If a customer has a VIP balance (the red card in their joe Wallet/app that can be used for order ahead ONLY) and they want a refund for that, have them reach out to

To refund the store balance:

  1. On the joe Point of Sale tap the Customer tab
  2. Search for the customer by phone number or name using the search bar in the top right hand corner
    1. Note: Phone number is the easiest way to search in case the customer does not have a name connected to their account yet.

  1. The customer's current balance will be listed on their customer card, tap Clear Balance
  2. A refund pop-up window will open confirming the amount refunded, confirm by tapping the red Clear Balance button
  3. Refund the customer's total amount from the cash till


When cashing out a customer's gift card, the cleared balance will show on the cash till tab of the Point of Sale under the Cash Out category.

If you have any additional questions, reach out to your Account Manager at joe or email