How to Order Ahead Using the joe Coffee App

Order ahead at your local coffee shop for the most convenient and rewarding coffee experience in town! Fully customize your order, earn points toward even more free drinks, schedule for a pickup time that works for your busy schedule, and have it ready when you arrive — all through the joe Coffee mobile app.

Ordering ahead is simple and we'll walk you through the steps below.

To place an order on joe:

  1. Download the joe Coffee app
  2. Create a profile and verify your account with the code sent to you via SMS
  3. Tap the Explore tab found in the bottom navigation menu to take you to the Stores Near You page
  4. Scroll down to see local coffee shops nearby, the tap your desired shop to take you to the menu
  5. Use the menu filters to navigate quickly among menu categories, such as Hot Drinks, Cold Drinks, and Food
  6. Scroll down the menu to your desired item
  7. Select your menu item, adjust to your desired size, and choose the +Customize button to add any modifiers such as additional espresso shots or syrup flavors
  8. Add to cart
  9. Repeat to add more items to your order
  10. Tap the Cart icon in the bottom right hand corner to see all items in your order then continue to Schedule pickup
  11. Choose your desired pickup options ( On counter, Dine in, Curbside) and your preferred pickup time, continue to Checkout
  12. Redeem any rewards you've earned, add a tip, redeem a promo code can all be done at this point in the checkout process
  13. Choose from your payment methods or add a new one and select Pay to submit your order.

Your will receive notification when the order is accepted by the barista as well as when the order is ready for pickup. Head to your local coffee shop and enjoy your coffee!