How to Add a Barista Role Identity

With the release of our newest Barista Tip Management Tool, baristas create a user in joe with a unique PIN number. While the barista is "clocked in" joe will automatically track credit card and mobile ordering tips, then allocate them equally to baristas on shift.

Here's how to add a barista and begin tracking tips.

How to add a Barista Role Identity

  1. Tap the Clock Icon in the point of sale left-hand menu bar to take you to the Barista Tip Management Tab
  2. From here all baristas will be listed with current "clocked-in" baristas brighter and "clocked-out" baristas grayed out
  3. To add a new barista, tap the icon in the top right hand corner
  4. Enter barista's first and last name, phone number, and email followed by Save
  5. Barista will receive a 4-digit PIN number via SMS
    1. Note: if they are already a joe customer, this is the same 4-digit PIN number found in their joe Wallet
  6. Enter 4-digit PIN number to clock in
  7. Success! The barista is added and can now start tracking tips for their shift.