Paying In-Person with a Digital Gift Card

With joe Point of Sale, customers can pay in-person with their digital gift card, as well as upload funds to their account. Customers can view and track the balance of this gift card in the "Wallet" tab of their joe coffee app. This article, complete with the video tutorial, shows how customers can use their digital gift card to pay in-person.

How to pay in-person with a digital gift card

The following shows the flow with the customer screen (left) and the barista screen (right):

  1. At checkout, the customer enters their phone number on the loyalty screen facing them
  2. The barista now sees the customer profile associated to the order
  3. Note that in the profile just below the customer name & reward offerings their Gift Card Balance is listed 
  4. Barista selects "Gift Card" as the payment method for the order
  5. On the customer screen, the customer will be prompted to tip, then asked to enter a 4-digit PIN
    1. joe will text the customer their PIN or they can find their unique 4-digit PIN in their joe Wallet as seen below
    2. Untitled design (2)
  6. Entering the 4-digit PIN will complete the transaction.

NOTE:  If a customer balance isn't enough to cover the total transaction they will follow the steps above and then process the remaining balance with Credit/Debit Card. Please feel free to review more details by reading through Earn 2x Rewards In Person with new joe Features blog article.

Watch the entire tutorial here: