Using joe + Square to Print Best Practices

If you are using joe Point of Sale and Square for any reason then please ensure you do the following steps below to ensure a quality experience. If the following steps are not followed the systems will battle with one another to prioritize access to the printer. 

Troubleshooting Printer 

Scenario: If app crashes after order or you have printer connection issues 

  1. Open the joe POS App then select the three dots above of printer and select delete printer
  2. Then disconnect the power cable and then reconnect the power cable  
  3. Then Select Add Printer 
  4. Then Select "Always Open joe POS when TSP143" printer is connected 
  5. Then go to Square and make sure to ONLY SELECT OKAY do not for any reasons select "Always open Square"  
  6. Once you select okay go back to joe and implement a test order.

Set up device best practices:

  1. Connect the printer to power and load receipt paper
  2. With the printer OFF, press and hold the Feed button located on the front of the printer and simultaneously turn ON the power button. Let go of the feed button when the receipt starts to print. 
  3. Two receipts will print, a very long receipt and a much shorter one. The second receipt will detail the Bluetooth Information and will list the Current Setting as ON.

Connect to device via USB Steps:

  1. Make sure you have the Anker USB C adapter, USB B and and USB C Cable  available and on hand before you begin. 
  2. On the back of the printer you will see a USB B Port that you will want to make sure you insert the cable and then connect the USB C end to the Anker adapter. 
  3. From there you will will want to connect power to the adapter where it says PD 
  4. Then select your printers tab by going to settings - printers - select USB Printer.