Stripe Card Reader Details

Additional Resources

For additional resources regarding your Stripe Reader M2, we recommend referencing Stripe's support docs.

Package Contents

Device X1
USB-A to USB-C cable X1

LED Status Indicators

Stripe Reader M2 - LED Status Indicators

Reader Overview

Stripe Reader M2 - Reader Overview

Set-Up Instructions

Connect the charging cable to the reader and charge it for two hours before initial use. Please use the charging cable provided in the reader box.
Step 2: Power on the reader and enable Bluetooth on your phone or tablet. Connect the reader to your phone or tablet using your point of sale app, not device settings.

** For contactless tap, please ensure the card or mobile device is placed within 4cm of the contactless tap logo. For mag swipe and card insert payments, please ensure the card is orientated correctly as shown.

Stripe Reader M2 - Set Up Instructions

Charging Status

Stripe Reader M2 - Full charge Full charge
Stripe Reader M2 - 75% charge 75% charge
Stripe Reader M2 - 50% charge 50% charge
Stripe Reader M2 - 25% charge 25% charge
Stripe Reader M2 - Charging Charging

Cautions & Important Notes

  • Ensure the device is fully charged before use.
  • Please ensure the magstripe/ EMV chip of the card is facing the right direction when swiping or inserting the card.
  • The NFC card should be tapped within a 4 cm range on top of the reader mark.
  • Don’t drop, disassemble, tear, open, crush, bend, deform, puncture, shred, microwave, incinerate paint or insert a foreign object into the device. Doing any of which will damage the device and void the Warranty.
  • Don’t immerse the device into water and place it near washbasins or any wet locations. Don’t spill food or liquid on the devices. Don’t attempt to dry the device with external heat sources, such as microwave or hairdryer. Don’t use any corrosive solvent or water to clean the device.
    Recommend using a dry cloth to clean the surface only.
  • Don’t use any sharp tools to point the internal components, connectors, or contacts, doing which may lead to devise malfunction and void the Warranty simultaneously.