Adjusting Order Status Screen Filters

Order Status Screen filters, located in the top right hand corner allow your team to swiftly organize the type of orders you would like displayed on the Order Status Screen. For instance, enabling mobile orders on the device because it is used for a Kitchen Display System, but disabling orders for the Point of Sale tablet.

Filters available include:

  1. In Person Orders - Device Level: Only shows orders processed and accepted on this device ONLY on Order Status Screen. 
  2. In Person Orders - Store Level: 100% of orders from any device paired to the Coffee Shop. Drive Thru, Mobile, Etc. (In - Person Orders - Device Level filter must be active)
  3. Mobile Orders - Device Level: Only Display Mobile Orders on the Order Status Screen
  4. Menu Category filter: Enable the categories from your menu that you would like to see on this device's order status screen. Any item in the disabled category will not be visible.