Connection Diagnostic: 

Use the WiFi and Setting tool to tests the device's connectivity to the joe servers in as few as 3 seconds, making troubleshooting that much easier. Update to the latest version of the app to access this feature.

  1. Ensure your joe Merchant PLUS app is updated to the latest version. 
  2. Tap the Wifi symbol in the bottom left-hand corner to open the Connection Diagnostic window. The diagnostics will automatically run, and test across all four connections and across any connected devices.
  3. Tap Okay to return to your main joe screen.
  4. You can also run this Connection Diagnostic by selecting the Settings gear icon and tapping the Check Network Status button in the Current Status tab. The diagnostic will run automatically and test across all four connections.

Troubleshooting your Bluetooth Card Reader Connection

  1. There are a few known scenarios where your bluetooth card reader may disconnect from the joe POS device including:
  2. If you close out the joe app
  3. If your device loses connection with wifi
  4. If your bluetooth card reader's battery is low
  5. Double check your bluetooth card reader connection from the Card Reader Settings Tab in joe.  You will see a colored button next to the Connection Status indicating if the card reader is Checking for a connection, is Connected, or Disconnected.

Scenario: Card Reader disconnects and "Reconnect" pop up appears. 

  1. Please select Reconnect 
  2. Go to settings 
  3. Select Card Readers
  4. Select Connect

Scenario: Card Reader disconnects and is stuck on "Reader Found" and doesn't reconnect

  1. Swipe up and select the three line button
  2. Select "Close All"
  3. re-open joe POS
  4. Go to settings 
  5. Select Card Readers
  6. Select Connect

Reset or troubleshooting for the card reader is that you can always hold the side button and turn it off by seeing lights go 4-3-2-1 and then simply tapping the card reader power button once and going through steps above. Last resort is turning off the BARISTA device and then turning it back on. 

If the card reader tap or insert stops working then we leverage the RESET option by sticking a needle or sharp object to reset the card reader. If that all fails then contact us so we can get a replacement card reader.