1. How to navigate the Settings tab
  2. How to navigate the Current Status
  3. How to navigate Features Tab
  4. How to navigate printers and card readers
  5. How to navigate support tab

1 - How to Navigate the Settings tab

In joe, the Settings tab can be found on the left hand side of the screen, noted with a gear icon. If you tap into settings, you will find the following tabs:

  1. Current Status 
  2. General Settings 
  3. Features
  4. Printers
  5. Card Readers 
  6. Support

2 - Current Status

The current status tab allows you to review your store information and network connection status

  1. Connection Information 
  2. Software Information
  3. Device Information
  4. Store Information 

3 - General Settings

Under General settings you will find:

Digital Orders: If you turn on the toggle, all orders will move to "In Progress" once they are accepted on the tablet.

Alert Volume: you can adjust the volume of joe alerts to be High, Low, or Manual which means the sound level is determined by the volume level of the device.

4. How to navigate the features tab

The features tab is where you will find the toggles for Active Cash Till, Open Cash Drawer and In Person & Mobile Order Acceptance 

  1. Require Active Cash Till - Require cash till to be opened before any order is taken
  2. Open Cash Drawer Automatically - Toggle turns on the automatic drawer open feature upon completing a cash order
  3. Require Clocked - In User -
  4. Cash Out Tips From Till - Toggle on if barista tip out from the cash till after their shift
  5. In Person & Mobile Order Acceptance - requires barista to hit Accept for every order

5 - How to navigate the printers tab

The printer tab allows you to connect Ethernet, USB or Bluetooth printers

6 - How to navigate the card reader

The card reader tab allows you to properly connect your card reader 

7 - How to navigate the support tab

The support tab allows you to navigate the support tool for any questions you may have