End-of-the-night Reporting

The latest update benefits joe Point of Sale partners with the new ability to print an end-of-night report. You can access this report by doing the following: 

  1. Tap the Register icon in the left hand menu to take you to Till and End of Night Management
  2. Tap the End of the Night Report button to populate the report 
  3. Select the Time Range you'd like for the report to populate your data
  4. Select Print End of the Night report to print a copy of the report and use with your reconciliation

This comprehensive report and printed receipt is complete with Total Sales broken down by payment type, refunds, total guest count, barista tips, and a full review of your total sales for the day. This end of night report and physical receipt gives shop owners the ability to confidently track daily sales and align Close Till Balance Reports to attach to their bank deposits for their accounting needs and staff accountability. 

Please Note: 

  • This end-of-night report is only available through the joe Point of Sale app, not in the merchant portal. 
  • If you running multiple registers make sure to staple or attach the "Close Till balance Report" print out to your End of the Night Report to reconcile your total cash sales. 

End of the night report Column Definitions

Name   Description
Guest Count   Total Orders
Average Ticket   Goods Sales divided by order count
Rejected Orders   Any orders not acknowledged before the 10 min window
Cancelled Orders   Any Orders cancelled at the register
Sales Definition   Item Base Price after discounts applied  (Net Sales)
Refunds   Any refunds provided to your customers for the day
Subtotal   Gross Sales of Mobile, Card and Cash after refunds
Total   Subtotal + Tips + Tips - Refunds and Cancelled orders

End of Night Report Time Range Filter

The latest release to joe Point of Sale's End-of-Night Report feature is another step forward in streamlining the tip-out process for your baristas.

This feature now allows baristas to pull an end of night report, or end of shift report, for a specific time period rather than the entire day when the till is closed. This makes it even easier for baristas to properly calculate the tips they have on their shift and easily split between team members. 

Time Range for End of Night Report

As seen in the image below, when pulling an End-of-Night Report, a time range filter will automatically appear. From here, baristas can pull a report for the entire day, or adjust to their exact shift. 

Screen Shot 2023-01-06 at 10.26.19 AM

Please note: the Default filter time frame is from 12:00AM (Local Timezone) to 11:59PM (Local Timezone) Baristas can then pull their tips, print a copy of the End-of-Night Report, and include it with any time sheets, or deposits that are a part of your team's best practices.

Screen Shot 2023-01-06 at 10.26.39 AM

This small update will both reduce barista's cognitive load and ensure accuracy . Because tip payout is vital to a barista's income and daily workflow the joe product team is continuously working on refining reporting. As reporting becomes more robust, this feature will live in the Reporting tab of the Point of Sale.