We collect data on your customers' coffee routines to personalize messages, tailor incentives, and re-engage them at the exact right moment. 

Loyalty Program Framework: 

The basic formula for the loyalty program, you spend to earn rewards. We wanted to streamline the “PUNCH CARD” experience for our partners but allow the customer to track their points all in place, their MyJoe Account. 

Automated Reward System: 

We also understand that technology allows for an easy way to keep your customers engaged and YOUR shop top of mind. Our mission is to give you the technology that corporate coffee shops like Starbucks. So we have built the reward system to have a higher spend before you earn for in person purchases and allows customer to earn 2x faster on mobile. Because once customers download the app they are more likely to purchase 4-5 times a month and have higher monthly retention. 

Gamified Rewards

74% of customers believe working towards a goal or reward makes me loyal. So we've created gamified rewards for days throughout the week to increase average tickets and purchases per week. 

  • Monday Mania - Increase business during the slower day of the week
  • Double Points Wednesday - Allow for customers to double points during the middle of the week to increase sales during the slower period days 
  • Fuel Up Friday -  Earn extra points if you order twice or a food item in the afternoon to kick off your weekend and increase your average ticket sales

Loyalty Reward Redemption Spend: 

Mobile Ordering Reward Redemptions: At this moment you can only redeem rewards via Mobile app but in the future customers will be able to redeem points on there in person transactions. Likely rollout for in person reward redemption is set to release on 3/1/2023

Total Spent Mobile Points  Mobile Reward
$17.90 250 $1
$39 600 $3
$65 1000 $6

In Person Reward Redemptions are set to be at a higher spend to earn a reward because we want to make sure the customer doesn't over utilize the rewards and keep the shop top of mind. 70% of customers feel as a loyalty program and gamified experience of reaching a goal drives them towards purchasing or meeting those goals to earn a reward. 

 Likely rollout for in person reward redemption is set to release on 3/1/2023*

Total Spent     In Person Points In  Person Reward
$35.80 250 $1
$78 600 $3
$132 1000 $6