Welcome to joe Point of Sale - the POS system built specifically for the coffee industry. Before you're ready to take both in person and mobile orders, follow along these three steps to set up your hardware. 

  1. How to navigate the Customer Tab
  2. How to find customers on the Customers Tab
  3. How to refund previous orders

The customer tab is intended to provide you with access to your customers data who have ordered at YOUR shop! Information Found in your Customer Tab is as follows: 

1. Customer Card Information: 

  • Customer Name: First and Last Name
  • Balance: Total funds available to SPEND at YOUR shop
  • Phone Number: Phone number for the customer
  • Load Funds: Ability to add funds to your customers balance
  • Clear Balance: Ability to refund the balance of the customers
  • View Order: Ability to see the last 4 orders

2. Search Functionality 

  • Enter Name or Phone Number to find customer 

3. View Orders:

  • History of the past FOUR orders 
  • Gives you access to REFUND previous orders or PRINT RECEIPTS