The Cash till in the joe Point of Sale is a simple system to help you keep track of your Cash sales for the day. It will also allow you to print a CLOSING BALANCE REPORT at the end of the night for your cash deposit records. Below are listed steps on how to navigate your cash till

Opening the Cash Till 

To process cash transactions, baristas must open the till at the start of the shift. To Open the Cash Till:

  1. Tap the Cash Drawer icon in the left hand menu bar to take you to your Till Management tab.
  2. Enter in the Starting Cash Balance, the name of the opening Barista, and any notes
  3. Tap Confirm to open the cash till for the shift 

Closing Cash Till

To close the till at the end of the shift and print a physical report of sales for that shift:

  1. At the end of the shift go back to the Till Management tab and select Close Till Now
  2. After counting cash, enter closing Cash Balance, the name of the closing Barista, and any notes
  3. Tap Confirm to see a Confirmed Till Balance sheet. Note the Difference in balance for any discrepancy. Tap Confirm & Print to show a Till Summary for the day and print the Close Till Balance Report

Require Cash Till 

The till is optional to be opened for your business. Although if you'd like to require a cash till before any orders are taken you can do so by simply following the steps below. 

  1. Go to your settings 
  2. Select Features Tab 
  3. Turn toggle on for "Require Cash Till

How to turn on Automatic Open Cash Drawer 

To properly activate automatic cash drawer 

  1. Connect Printer Cable to Printer
  2. Connect Printer to the POS via USB, BT or Ethernet
  3. Go to your settings 
  4. Select Features Tab 
  5. Turn toggle on for "Require Cash Till" 
  6. Select three dot ... button and select Test Print and Open Drawer