Sales Summary Tab Overview 

The Sales Summary tab in your joe Point of Sale highlights your daily sales for the current business operation day. We've established these parameters based on our partner requests from Owners and Managers. You will have a full robust reporting in your Merchant Dashboard -

Note: This Sales Summary is only available through the joe Point of Sale app, not in Merchant Portal.  If you running multiple registers this data is for the STORE WIDE sales for that day and not just the register

Sales Summary Column Definitions

Name   Description
Gross Sales   Net Sales for the Item Base Price
Transactions   Total Orders
Average Ticket   Gross Sales divided by Total Orders
Payment Type   Three different payment types at checkout and Mobile
Card   Card Transactions - Debit or Credit 
Mobile   All Mobile order sales will be captured in this column
Cash   Cash sales for the day - NET CASH Sales not including Tax
Tip Total   

Total Tips for the day followed by Tips by the hour