How do I update inventory?

As detailed in the image above, for  every item on your menu, as well as every modifier option, you have three inventory choices to select:

  • Mark an item green to indicate to customers in the app that this item in stock and available to order
  • Mark an item red to indicate to customers in the app this item is out of stock 
  • For items only available to purchase in shop with joe POS, mark the item grey to be hidden on mobile
NOTE: If a customer uses "one tap reorder" option to place an order and the item is out of stock, they will receive the following error code when the try to check out:  "Error Conflict - Some of the items you requested are not available: [menu item]"

How to Update Inventory

  1. Select the Clipboard icon on the left sidebar menu to take you to inventory
  2. All menu categories are listed in the left hand column, with your modifier Options listed last
  3. Click the menu category name to open list all menu items.
  4. Mark items In StockOut of Stock, or Hidden on Mobile.
    1. Hidden on Mobile is used for items available for purchase in shop only with joe POS
  5. Individually mark items out of stock, mark sizes of items out of stock, or adjust inventory on an entire menu item
  6. The column on the right hand side displays total items in the category marked Out of Stock or Hidden on Mobile 

NOTE: If you mark items or modifiers out of stock, don't forget to mark them as in stock the following business day!