Digital Gift Cards: Sending & Redeeming

Store Rewards Cards are an awesome way to support local coffee!

You just received a Physical Gift Card at your local shop and now would like to send a gift card to your family or friends!

To gift a Rewards card

From your joe app, or a desktop,

  1. Navigate to your favorite coffee shop's menu on joe
    1. If you're new to joe, or don't yet have the app downloaded, follow this link to on any browser.
    2. Tap the Explore tab at the bottom of the screen to look for shops nearby
  2. Select the blue Purchase Loyalty Card
  3. Toggle On the Send as gift to a friend
  4. Input the name and phone # of the family or friend you'd like to gift the Rewards Card to
  5. Choose your payment method, or add a new one, and select the dollar amount you'd like loaded to the Rewards Card
  6. Write a thoughtful message to your loved one and then when you'd like the message to arrive
  7. Preview the message, and select send and we will automatically schedule the gift to be delivered!
  8. Your family or friend will receive an SMS with a link and steps on how to redeem gift card balance. 

To Redeem a Store Rewards Card:

Congrats You're a recipient of a store Rewards card! To redeem your gifted Rewards card, follow these steps to add the value of the card to your joe wallet.

With the Rewards card in your wallet, you can use the value of the card to pay in-person digitally, or when you order ahead on joe. Here's how:

  1. You should receive an SMS text message from joe just like the one below

  1. Tap the link in the text message to take you to joe at or if you were gifted a physical card and want to add it to your wallet, scan the QR Code on the physical card
  2. If you're new to joe, follow the on-screen prompts to create your account and verify your phone number 
  3. You will automatically be taken to your joe Wallet where you will see the gifted Rewards Card is automatically loaded
  4. Now begin ordering your favorite items. The gifted Rewards Card is listed as a payment method at checkout as seen below.
  5. To use the balance of the Rewards Card to pay in-person with you PIN number, follow these insturctions

For additional support regarding your gift card purchase or redemption, submit feedback in the joe app or email us at