How to reconcile your Transfer Summary Report

How do I reconcile my transfer amounts using the transfer summary view?

The Transfer Amount alignment algorithm equates to non-cash sales - commission + reimbursements = Transfer Amount. Cash Sales are not populated in this view because those are deposited by mangers/owners at end of day. Review Operations Overview for Cash breakdown. 

Name Column Description
Store Name A Store Name selected on the filter based on filter
Order Date B The date or date range associated of the orders in this specific transfer amount
Transfer Date C Date that Stripe transferred funds to your bank. *Note that banks have different turnaround times on deposits. 
Batch ID D Are the confirmed (completed) orders we group together to properly begin processing. The BATCH ID is all the confirmations that get sent together based on date. 
Total Collected E All credit, debit, apple, google and or ACH payments processed through stripe. Excluding all cash sales for Point of Sale Partners. For payment type breakdown for specific date please utilize your Operations Overview
joe Commission F In person orders of 2.4% + .10 rate for joe Point of Sale. 9% is our standard mobile marketplace and online ordering fee (drops to 7% with link placement on website, Instagram, and Google Biz Profile) or discounted rates upon registration. 
Reimbursement  G Promotion and marketing campaigns paid for by joe to be reimbursed to partner
Transfer Amount H Amount transferred to the store's bank account post cost.  Non-Cash sales - Consumer fee - Commission + reimbursements = Transfer Amount.