Earning and Deposit Data Breakdown

How do I leverage my Earning and Deposits Views?

Note: This view is best set to consolidate a  high level understanding of the Earnings for the end of the day closing, weekly reporting and end of the month reporting for taxes, tip payout and more. This view isn't directly associated to your transfer amount due to bank transfer delays, for that specific reconciliation please view your transfer summary below that provides order dates to support alignment. 

Name   Description
Gross Sales   Items + Consumer Fee 
Net Sales   Gross Sales - Discounts
Total Collected   Gross Sales + Tips + Sales Tax - Discounts
Consumer Fee   For customers that do not preload, we pay significantly more in processing fees. In order to keep commission as low as possible for our partners we rely on people preloading to avoid the fee or paying the convenience fee so that we can squeeze out a profit and continue to improve our technology to better serve our partners and customers
Discounts   Discounts include any promos or rewards applied to an order paid by shop. 
Tips   Tips paid by customers (Card/Mobile Orders only)
Sales Tax   Tax the customer paid on order - to be remitted by shop
joe Commission   In person orders of 2.4% + .10 rate for joe Point of Sale. 9% is our standard mobile marketplace and online ordering fee (drops to 7% with link placement on website, Instagram, and Google Biz Profile) or discounted rates upon registration. 
Reimbursements   Promotion and marketing campaigns paid for by joe to be reimbursed to partners
Transfer Amount   Amount Transferred to your for the date period selected