Transaction Trend Views for your Operations!

How do you leverage your Transaction Trends for Business Operations?
Note: Your transaction trends tab includes a variety of views that will best utilized when view is set for Weekly, Monthly or Annual date selections. Our Partners leverage these views when they are seeking to review staffing, item cost analysis and sales trends for their shops. In addition, they can view the customer satisfaction rating and average medium to order completed. The last view will have the top 10 line items ordered at your store locations. 

Name   Description
% Skipped Line   Percentage of customers that indicated they were able to skip the line. For the best experience, target 95%.
% Ready when arrived   Percentage of customers that indicated their order was ready when they arrived. For the best experience, target 95%.
Average Customer Rating    Average rating on a scale of 1-5 that your customers have rated their experience. The network average is 4.8. This is not public information and is ony visible for partners and internal use only.
AVG Minutes to Order Completed   This is how long it takes for baristas to mark an order ready after making it. Target 5-7 minutes for the best experience.
Trailing Weekly Orders   Week begins on Monday. First and last weeks may be partial.
Trailing Daily Orders   Daily Orders based on date selection from filter. Default is day of
Orders By Hour   Orders by hours based on store operating hours
Sales By Hour   Total sales by hour based on store operating hours. The darker colors indicates higher sales 
Top Order Items   Top 10 Ordered Items from the daily, weekly or customer date range selected.