Update Square Settings to Fix Delayed Orders

Why are my joe orders delayed on Square?

If you've integrated joe with your Square device and are experiencing a delay in mobile orders, follow this troubleshooting article for a fix.

This delay is a result of Square being built primarily for restaurants and delivery where their Order Manager system refreshes every 5 minutes to check for new orders. In the restaurant industry, a 5 minute delay is acceptable, but at joe, we believe timing for pickup experiences is everything.

Please try this fix provided to us by Square. If this does not solve the problem, the joe app will call you if an order has been placed but not accepted within 30 seconds. If you receive a call and there are no new orders showing on Square, we recommend launching the joe app Square running behind your Square POS and accepting the order there. After the delay has passed, you'll see it pop up in the appropriate stage on Square.

Update settings to fix delay

Note: This fix is only applicable for Square POS App, used on stand alone iOS devices, not applicable for shops who use the full Square Register. However, Square is working on a similar fix for Registers.On your iPad, open the Settings app

  1. Select to open settings for the Square app
  2. Ensure Notifications are enabled/on and Background App Refresh is disabled/off
    With "Background App Refresh" turned off Order Manager will refresh orders from the server every 60 seconds instead of every 5 minutes.
  3. Force restart the Square app for this setting to update the app