Sales Summary Overview

How to leverage your Sales Summary

Please note: When you open your dashboard it will automatically default to your daily view for your company view. If you have more than one store location you can select the store name filter and select the specific store you'd like to view for a daily, weekly, monthly or customer date range. 

Name   Description
Net Sales   Items - discounts
Orders   Total Orders based on selected date filter
Average Ticket Sales   Net Sales divided by Total Orders for the selected date equals Avg Ticket
Tips   Tips paid by customer
Tax Total   Tax applied to goods and fees paid by customer
Payment Type    
Card    Transactions paid by credit/debit card through mobile & in person order
joe Bucks   Payment done with joe balance through Mobile App
Gift Cards   Purchases made by customers with store gift card balance
Bank   Payment completed by customers who have linked their bank accounts
Apple/Google Pay   Payment completed by customers who have linked their apple/google pay for in person & mobile orders
Cash    Cash Transactions for in person orders