How to export CSV reports

How to export CSV Reports? 

In the newest Merchant Dashboard update you are now able to export all the views available on your dashboard. This is a necessary tool we understand our partners need to reconsolidate their monthly numbers, help support staffing and cost of goods. 

Key Benefits: 

  1. Date Range Functionality 
  2. Export files in CSV or PDF format for your preference
  3. Switch between stores or company data views.
  4. Itemized Reporting for COGs review. 
  5. Hourly reporting for staffing
  6. Sales Overview Summary for monthly consolidation and Tip payouts


  1. Login to your Merchant Portal at
  2. Select Dashboard and the date range you'd like to view. 
  3. You can download the company dashboard view or you can download individual views on the Merchant Dashboard. 
    1. Select what format you'd like to download is available for PDF or additional files.  

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