- Edit phone number and name post order creation

Add Phone # Post Order Creation

The latest update to the Order Status Screen and Customer Tab on the joe Point of Sale will allow you to add a phone # to an order after the order has been processed. We know customers sometimes forget to add their phone number during the checkout process so we've made it easy to add their phone number and add their name to the order for them to claim their points!

  1. Go to your Order Status Screen 
  2. Select the order if it's an active order and select the pencil icon to add a number
  3. If it's a completed order swipe left to find and search for the customers orders
  4. Then tap the order and select the pencil icon to add the phone number associated to the joe account

Note: With this release, we will also have in the near future the ability to "Edit Name" option to allow you to update the default "In Person" to the customer name or add a name so it will populate on the ticket. 

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