How to accept joe orders with Square

  1. When you receive a new joe order, tap View to take you to your Active Orders screen
  2. Select the New order to open the full details of the order
    1. Note the important information on the order:
      1. Customer Information - Name, email address, and phone number 
      2. Pickup Time - If a customer places their order in advance
      3. Items - Size, modifiers, and additional customer notes
      4. On Counter or Curbside Pick Up 
  3. Mark the order as In Progress, and add the order to your queue of drinks
  4. When the order is complete, Mark as Ready to notify the customer
  5. If customer is ordering for curbside, another notification will alert that your customer has arrived, including the vehicle description
  6. Walk the order out to the customer and complete the order by updating the status to Mark as Picked Up