How to integrate joe on your Square POS

1 - Download joe Merchant PLUS

First step is to download the joe Merchant PLUS app to your iOS device (or Android device if you have a Square register and setting up wit ha secondary tablet).

Note: ALL joe refunds, inventory changes, or updates to your menu prices MUST be done through the joe Merchant PLUS app.

  1. Connect the iPad/Android device to your shop's reliable wifi source
  2. Download joe Merchant PLUS app from the iOS App store or Google Play Store
  3. Open joe Merchant PLUS and name the device. We recommend "[Shop Name] joe device". This will take you to a QR code.
  4. From your phone, log in to your joe Consumer App (the customer app used to place orders)
    1. Note: Your consumer account must have "owner status". If you do not have owner status, go to your > log in > Users > Invite your consumer app email as an "owner". Or contact us at for assistance
  5. On the consumer app select the My joe to take you to your profile
  6. Scroll to the Merchant section, select Merchant tablet pairing
  7. Select your store location
  8. Scan the QR code on your device to instantly pair
  9. You will be given three different modes to choose from
    1. Point of Sale Barista Facing
    2. Point of Sale Consumer Facing (joe POS only)
    3. Order Status Only
  10. Select option a) Point of Sale Barista Facing
  11. This device is now set to accept mobile orders, make refunds, adjust inventory for joe orders

2 - Enable Always Online 

Before integrating joe with Square, you must update these settings in joe to ensure your baristas never miss an order. Enabling the "Always Online" feature of joe will trigger a phone call to your shop if a mobile order is not accepted within 30 seconds. 

  1. On a Chrome browser, log in to your joe Merchant Portal
  2. Select Stores from the left menu bar > Edit Details next to your shop location > Settings tab
  3. Scroll to where your phone number is listed. If the number correct, click the Verify Now button.
  4. A pop up window with a verification code will open. You will also receive an automated phone call to the number you are verifying. Enter the verification code on your shop phone.
  5. Toggle the switch to "Always be online" 

3 - Integrating joe + Square

  1. Still on the  Settings tab of your merchant portal, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Link Square Account. This will redirect you to Square where you will need to login and give permission.
  2. After giving permission, you will be directed back to the joe Merchant Portal
  3. Select Stores > Edit Details > Settings tab again
  4. Scroll to the bottom and select the correct store location from the dropdown list and select Save

Note: If you need to unlink your Square account from joe, select the orange "Unlink" button in the bottom right hand corner.

4 - Square Settings

After linking your joe and Square accounts, update these settings in Square

  1. Open your Square app and navigate to the Square settings through the navigation menu
  2. Select Alerts, followed by Allow Alerts and lastly select Immediately to ensure baristas will instantly be notified of a new order